Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tarragon Chicken

I've had Tarragon growing in our garden for about a year now, I was excited about it when I got a little plant from food swap but it occured to me the other day that I've hardly used it for cooking.
I went in search of a recipe that would showcase the Tarragon and came up with this Tarragon Chicken recipe which not only turned out to be super easy and yummy but I actually had all the ingredients on hand!

First thing was to chop up an onion and gently cook it in a non-stick pan with a little oil and 2 cloves of Garlic, then I added Chicken Thigh Fillets and browned them on both sides. I added half a cup of White Wine, a cup and a half of Chicken Stock and simmered for about 20 minutes.

I mixed 2 teaspoons of Cornflour with a little stock, stirred it into the Chicken mixture and cooked it for about 2 minutes, then I added half a cup of Sour Cream and 2 tablespoons of Tarragon Leaves. Once this has warmed through its ready!

I served the Chicken with Potatoes, carrots and (much to my son's disgust!) Brussels Sprouts, everyone loved the chicken!

Monday, April 2, 2012


My pantry is bursting with food, and while I would never complain about having too much food when some others don't have enough, it is getting hard to find things in there! I particularly needed to find a way to use up some of the cereal that had been left in there. These cookies were a delicious and easy solution to my multiplying cereal box situation.

I mixed 125 gms of Softened Butter with 140gms Brown Sugar until pale and creamy. Add 2 Eggs, 1 at a time and a teaspoon of Vanilla Essence, beating well after each addition , until well combined. Fold in 1 and 3quarters of a cup of Self Raising Flour and one cup of Cereal of the flaky fruity kind.

I formed the mixture into balls using 2 spoons and rolled them in more cereal before placing them on a paper lined baking tray , flattening them slightly and baking them in a moderate oven for about 20 minutes.
I made sure I left plenty of room for them to spread which was a good thing because they did!
They didn't last long at all, I think I've solved my problem! If only all problems could be solved in such a tasty way!