Monday, November 14, 2011

Meat-free Wheat-free Monday, A Berry Nice Pavlova!

After much impatient watching and waiting we finally have berries from the garden ready to eat, not buckets of them. but certainly enough to decorate a birthday pavlova for my husband!

It was indeed a proud moment presenting this beauty, made with eggs from our charming chooks and berries from the backyard!



  1. What a beautiful pav! Love that the eggs and fruit were from your garden :)

  2. Next year i will be able to do the same!!! I am about to harvest my first raspberry plant but have planted an additionl 3 plants, 4 blueberries and multiple strawberries. How lovely is it to have free range chickens!

  3. Gorgeous pavlova, as Nic said, it's fantastic that the eggs and fruit came from your garden.

    Thanks for adding your pavlova to our Pavlova Blog Hop. I've approved your submission, but are you able to add the Blog Hop badge and Blog Hop code to your post so that people can hop from blog to blog? Let me know if you need a hand.

    Thanks for joining us

  4. How lovely and just in time for a special celebration! Love your blog. Are you on Twitter?

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments, I'm loving being part of the blog Hop! Sorry Bizzy Lizzy, I'm not a twitterer!

  6. I'm so impressed that you made this with home grown berries and home-raised chook eggs!

    And it's a beautiful looking pavlova, too. Looks delicious.

    So glad you were able to join us for the blog hop!

  7. There is nothing better than a pav! Yours looks awesome...even though there is too much healthy fruit and not enough chocolate on top :)