Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Peach Chutney

When we moved house two years ago, one of the hardest things to leave behind was all the fruit trees we had planted over the fifteen years that we had been in that house. The one tree that we dug up and brought with us was an Anzac Peach that had only  been in the ground for about a six months, it was a bit of a risk moving it in the middle of Summer but we potted it in an old plastic rubbish bin, looked after it as best we could and planted it in the chook yard once the worst of the hot weather was over.

Last Summer it had half a dozen lovely peaches which we grudgingly shared with the birds, this year it has had about sixty beautiful looking Peaches, sadly the weather hasn't been great for them and they haven't really ripened well and aren't all that sweet, hasn't stopped the birds having a go though!

Yesterday I picked everything off the tree that wasn't rock hard and made Peach Chutney, I peeled the peaches and roughly chopped them.

In a non-stick pan I gently fried a chopped Red Onion, four cloves of Garlic and a couple of tablespoons of finely grated fresh Ginger, once that was soft I added it to a large pot with the peaches.

I then added a cup and a half of Raw Sugar, a cup of Malt Vinegar and a cup of Sultanas, I simmered this for about three very fragrant hours!

I put the Chutney into sterilised jars, I used the funnel on the left which cost me zero, the one on the right which cost a fair bit only works for very big jars!

Looking forward to trying this!


  1. you are very clever - what an inventive idea!

  2. ...I wonder if you can do this with apricots?? We have 3 large apricot trees.

  3. Hi Chris! I reckon Apricots would make a yummy chutney! If you ever want to offload some Apricots and receive some jam or chutney in return let me know!