Saturday, August 20, 2011

a beautiful day in the garden

It doesn't happen often at this time of year but today was Saturday, I had no specific plans for the day and the weather was incredibly beautiful! A perfect day to potter, pick and plan, Spring is definitely on it's way at long last, the garden has survived the worst of Winter with very little attention and is surprisingly productive, almost thriving on neglect. I let the chickens have the run of the back yard and they seemed to be enjoying the sunshine almost as much as I was. After being very frugal with eggs for weeks, all of a sudden we have an abundance, celebrated today by a quick lunch of creamy scrambled eggs in between weeding and planting. There's lots of lush green leafy vegies and herbs, the silverbeet seems to grow as fast as we use it and it's a luxury to be able to throw hanfuls of herbs into everything I cook.

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