Monday, September 12, 2011

Meat-free Wheat-free Monday

We eat many meals that are meat-free, once a week, however, we have special visitors who come for tea and require meat-free and wheat-free food.
I actually enjoy the challenge of coming up with something that suits my daughter and her partners' food intolerances and also pleases those of us who tolerate a broader range of foods.
Although I generally try to include fresh food from our garden, this week I just had a hankering for a real favorite of mine even though all these vegies are out of season at the moment! I did however make the ricotta from scratch and the parsley was home grown! I'll certainly make this meal often in Summer when we do have warm weather vegies in the garden.
Baked Ricotta and Barbequed Vegies, simple to make and always a winner with everyone!

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