Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meat-free, Wheat-free Monday, Vietnamese and Japanese.......

I have never made rice-paper rolls before, they were easier than I thought they might be and, pardon my big head, but I thought they tasted even better than any I have ever had!
The Vietnamese Mint added a lovely fresh flavour.

 This gorgeous cabbage was the last one for the year and I wanted to make something special from it, I decided on Okonomyaki (Japanese Pancakes), I made them from one and a half cups of gluten-free flour, 4 lightly beaten eggs, quarter of a cup of vegetable stock, half a cup of sliced spring onions and about half of the cabbage, cooked until tender, then cooled and added to the batter.

This amount of batter made four decent sized pancakes, they're very filling, one for each person is plenty.

A squiggle of Kewpie Mayo and a squiggle of Okonomi Sauce (both from an Asian grocery store) and that's all there is to it! Amazingly good to eat, a definate favorite of ours.


  1. we just had this for dinner. Great recipe! Will definitely do that again.

  2. I love Okonomyaki...and I am interested in how you make the rice paper rolls, I've always wanted to make them.