Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time for a Tidy Up!

The main part of our veggie garden is in our front yard, this makes it very visible to our neighbors and to passers by, most of the time I think it looks lovely, productive, green and interesting. This week it has definitely been looking like it's time for a tidy up, a lot of the winter veggies are finishing and it's time to prepare the beds for all the wonderful Summer veggies that I'm already looking forward to.

Up until two years ago this area at the front of our house was a lawn and had been for thirty years, we've left grass in between the beds for now although my long-term plan is to have gravel, it's tricky to mow in between the beds but very satisfying to stand back and look at once it's done though......

I pulled out the rocket which had gone completely out of control, tidied up what was left of the cauliflowers, they did so well and we've really enjoyed them, picked the last of the cabbages ready for something special on Monday and dug lots of compost into the spaces that are now empty.

It all looks much more organised and I can't wait to get planting!