Friday, January 6, 2012

In My Kitchen...

This post is inspired by Celia at fig jam and lime cordial I have been checking out what's in Celia's kitchen every month for a long time and have decided that 2012 is the time to get involved!

In my kitchen is a lovely red teapot, some Good Morning Tea from T2 and some pretty cups to drink the tea out of.....

In my kitchen are....

6 bottles of Fresita Strawberry Infused Wine which I won courtesy of Jennifer at delicieux ... wait, make that 5 bottles, we drank one on New Year's wait...would you believe 4 bottles left now...

In my kitchen is...

 a jar of the most amazing Muesli ever, my lovely daughter Rose made it for us for Christmas, it's chock full of Dates, Figs and Macadamias...and a few Strawberries from the Garden.

Just outside my kitchen because the light is better out there for a photo is a new red food cover and some teatowels which I picked up when I was food shopping (one of my favorite pastimes!).


  1. I love how red and cheery everything is in your kitchen, particularly the sweet little teacups! Thanks for playing, Linda Maree! :)

  2. I love homemade Muesli- and your daughter's looks wonderful.
    Thanks for a look into your kitchen- Celia's right- it does look bright and cheery!

  3. ...its not pink, but red is pretty cool!

    1. I'm thinking maybe RED is the new PINK!