Friday, January 27, 2012

One thing leads to another, leads to another........

When I made a triple-chocolate-truffle-cake recently for my brother's birthday, I needed Bacardi for the truffles, then when I saw Watermelon Daiquiris on The Hungry Australian blog, I knew exactly what to do with some of the left-over Bacardi!
I was planning a Chinese New Year dinner and these colorful, fun fruity beauties seemed like just the thing!

While I was cutting up the Watermelon I remembered a recipe for Watermelon Rind Pickle which I had seen in the December issue of Good Taste magazine, I pulled it out and happily I had everything I needed to make it.

I peeled the dark green tough skin off the rind, sliced it into thin strips and soaked it overnight in 2 and a half cups of warm water with 2 tablespoons of salt dissolved in it.

The next day I drained and rinsed the Rind and added it to a pot with a cup and a quarter of Caster Sugar, three quarters of a cup of Malt Vinegar, half a cup of Water, a few slices of Fresh Ginger,a Cinnamon Stick and half a teaspoon of cloves. This was heated while stirring to dissolve the Sugar and then simmered for 45 minutes, I then spooned it into a sterilised jar.

This is a really lovely Pickle, sweet, spicy and syrupy, my only problem was that it didn't make a lot, I used about 500gms of Rind but it cooks down a lot and this amount only made 1 jar! Next time I will use twice as much rind with the same amount of everything else.

Just perfect with creamy Brie and a Cracker!

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  1. You are so resourceful!!
    Those watermellon Daiquiris look oh so yummmmmmmy :)